Motorcycle Driveway Turntable

There are many lightweight portable motorbike turntables on the market, of all shapes and sizes and varying quality, however UMW were asked to design and manufacture a sturdier version which can be incorporated into a driveway to discreetly blend in. This means there is no difficult manoeuvring in the garage or people falling over awkward floor structures and the quality and durability is such that after a time you forget it is there - except for the bike owner of course for whom it is an essential piece of equipment.

Loading up to 300 kg. Example shown is a Triumph Motorcycle, weight 215 kg. Diameter 1.26m 49.5"

turntable 1 (50K)

There are more motorcycles being sold in the UK as consumers are anxious to reduce their transportation costs, commuting time, and searching for a place to park. Consequently increasing numbers of motorcycles are being sold to a broader range of customers especially females and seniors.

The UMW built-in driveway turntables - as well as looking cool - helps to prevent the bike from falling over and subsequent damage to bike and rider!

Prices On Application (from £850 + VAT) include site visit, drawing, manufacture, delivery, fitting and co-ordinating finish.

If you have any queries or would like to place an order for your bespoke driveway motorcycle turntable, please contact UMW by email:

or telephone: 01803 814326 for more information.

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